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"Music for All" cover band!!

Backlash is a 5 piece band playing an array of music from many different genres so that people will have fun, dance and most importantly DRINK. Did i mention DRINK?

The band was started in 1998 and is going stronger than ever. The band consist of Lead Vocal/Guitar (Vinnie Raffa), Lead Guitar/Vocals (SeppeRoxx), Bass/Vocals  (BAMBAM, Johnny Smith), Keyboards/Rythym Guitar/Vocals (Chris Burton) and Drums (Motorcycle Mike). At any moment, Backlash can play one of 140+ cover songs, ranging from Barry Manilow/Elvis(oldies rock), Jason Aldean/Derks Bently (Country), Bon Jovi/Poison (80's Hair Bands), Pink!/Goyte (Pop/Rock) and Disturbed/Godsmack (Heavy Metal). Backlash taylors our setlists to the venue to bring their unique blend high-energy rock covers, uncompromising stage presence to accomodate crowds at any venue.

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